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What is the Acorn Centre?

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The Acorn Centre is a primary behaviour support provision under the leadership of Warrendell school, based on the Lincolnsfield estate in Bushey. It is led by a Primary Head Teacher- Jenny Morley with the daily running of the provision the responsibility of Nikki Lucas, Provision Lead.


The facility is for primary aged children at risk of exclusion or permanently excluded from schools within the DSPL 9 area of Watford, Three Rivers, Bushey and Radlett. We also offer outreach in schools and support to parents/carers through our Family Support worker.


The provision supports and provides services for children with SEMH difficulties. This is an umbrella term for children who demonstrate difficulties with emotional regulation and/or social interaction and/or are experiencing mental health problems. 


These difficulties may be displayed through challenging, disruptive or dangerous behaviour. The problem could also manifest as anxiety or depression, oppositional/ demand avoidance problems and more severe conduct issues including aggression and self-harm.


The purpose of the Acorn Centre is to promote positive relationships and experiences for the child. This may include developing self-esteem, social skills and the ability to demonstrate socially acceptable behaviour.


The sessions at the Acorn Centre and Thrive Hub vary for each child we work with. We offer morning and afternoon sessions as well as outdoor learning sessions once a week where our children are invited to attend with their parents/carers.


Each Acorn session is tailored to meet the needs of the children in attendance. We work closely with individuals (schools, TA's, parent/carers) to ensure the sessions are child-centred, educational and fun.


A note from Jenny Morley, executive head teacher at Warren Dell, Oxhey Wood and the Acorn Centre.


"The Acorn enables children who will not and are not able to access mainstream school, break down barriers and begin to enjoy a learning environment again. 

To support a child holistically I believe the foundation is to build a trusting, positive relationship with them and to work in a supportive, collaborative way with their family and their school.

We have an amazing team at Acorn who support children in schools and at the Acorn Centre building positive relationships with children, families and schools ultimately improving the child's self-esteem, social development and supporting their emotional well-being and mental health with the aim of them becoming ready to access learning again.  

I am so proud of everything we have achieved since our provision began and we continue to grow."