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DSPL 9 & The Behaviour Partnership

DSPL9 have adopted a tiered approach to supporting social, emotional and behavioural needs in Primary Schools. The aim of this approach is to support schools, children and families with a focus on early intervention to ultimately reduce the number of children at significant risk of or who have been permanently excluded.


Tier 1

Within school

Tier 2

Peer support

Tier 3

Specialist outreach

Tier 4

Alternative provision for children at significant risk of permanent exclusion

Tier 5

Provision for children who have been permanently excluded

Tier 1:

Each school to ensure clear, consistent behaviour policy, induction for new staff, identification of training needs etc.


Tier 2:

As a school team, you may decide a whole class approach to behaviour management is required. This may include targeted TA/MSA/Teacher training, ECT, transition or routines support etc. Should this be the case, our Tier 2 team is led by experienced staff at Warren Dell aligning the tiered process with the ethos of tier 4 and 5 provision.  


To request a Tier 2 Service Form, please email to start the referral process. 


Tier 3:

Chessbrook offers a range of outreach interventions to primary schools for children with significant needs, whose behaviour is still impacting on themselves and/or others after the implementation of strategies from DSPL9 tiers 1 and 2.

A link to the referral form for Chessbrook can be found on the DSPL 9 website and should be returned to


Where appropriate family support can be requested from The Triage Service


Tier 4: Outreach support provided by the Acorn Centre

Children at risk of permanent exclusion

The Acorn Centre offers an alternative environment to primary aged children for up to 3 terms. Outreach Services may be offered in the school setting alongside the child's 1-1 adult or in the Acorn Centre with the specialist teacher, depending on the level of need presenting. At Tier 4 children will remain on roll at their primary school with schools required to be fully involved throughout their placement. School staff will be required to attend meetings relating to the children they are responsible for and supporting their reintegration.


To apply for support at Tier 4, please continue to the Referral Process for more details. 


Tier 5: Day 6 provision provided by the Acorn Centre

Children who have been permanently excluded – to ensure that children receive their statutory entitlement to full time provision from Day 6. (Day 1 for CLA) 


PLEASE NOTE: Admission of children from Tier 5 will always be prioritised but permanent exclusion will not always mean The Acorn Centre provision is appropriate for individual children.