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Referral to Tier 4 Panel

Tier 4: Out/ Inreach support provided by the Acorn Centre

If you wish to make a service request for tier 4, please send an request email to We will log your enquiry and a referral form will be sent with the reply. 


Children at risk of permanent exclusion

Your Service Request will need to meet clear criteria; referral form and evidence will be discussed at an inclusion panel. Please send the completed referral form, including the parents approval signature and evidence paperwork either password protected OR via Schools FX to


Evidential paperwork to be included: 

  • Copy of EHCP (if applicable)
  • LHNF application (if applicable)
  • Professional reports - EP, Comms Team, CAMHS or other appropriate agencies
  • Chessbrook report (if applicable)
  • Herts Steps paperwork - RRP, Anxiety Mapping, Roots & Fruits
  • LA approved reduced timetable (if applicable)
  • Copy of child's behaviour log - CPOMs or alternative.
  • Evidence of strategies used by school and impact


Tier 4 Panel Dates 2023/2024


Friday 15th September 2023Thursday 28th September 2023
Friday 10th November 2023Monday 27th November 2023
Friday 19th January 2024Thursday 1st February 2024
Friday 1st March 2024Thursday 14th March 2024
Friday 10th May 2024Thursday 23rd May 2024
Friday 14th June 2024Thursday 27th June 2024