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Parent Child Attachment Play (PCAP)

PARENT-CHILD ATTACHMENT PLAY (PCAP) is designed to empower parents and carers as change agents in their own family home. 


The intervention is aimed at children 3+ to late teens. It can be offered to both neurotypical and neurodiverse children and adapted according to the child’s need. The PCAP model integrates both theory and practice so that practitioners are confident in ‘the Why and the How’ in delivering this innovative, creative and effective intervention. 


This innovative 10 step programme can be delivered to individual parents/carers or to groups. Parent/carers work with the practitioner to enjoy three evidence-based skills.

The three evidenced based skills are:

  • 1-  Play ( Child Led)

  • 2-  Containment

  • 3-  Reflective Functioning (Head, Heart, Hands)

Once confident and ready, the parent/carer creates a small mini play or activity kit to enjoy at home with their child. During this short and ring-fenced period, parents/carers practise the new skills. Over time, the new skills are transferred to problematic areas of family life. Parents/ carers are supported throughout this process by a high-quality practitioner-parent relationship


The following information outlines the 10-steps completed in sessions up to 14 weeks. 


1.   Parent or carer meets PCAP practitioner

2.   Set goals

3.   Play skill and prepare mini play kit

4.   Containment skill

5.   Plan parent-child home playtimes

6.   Head, Heart and Hands skill

7.   "You and Me Playtime" begins at home

8.   Roll out playtime skills to everyday family life

9.   Change to phone/text/mobile support

10. Ending

Empowering parents and carers as change agents in their own families