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The Thrive Approach

At the Acorn Centre, we've been using the Thrive approach as part of our provision since 2018. Our BSP's and provisions leads are qualified Thrive practitioners and actively use the approach on a daily basis as part of the Acorn journey. It enables them to establish a starting point for each child and build the 'skills and tools to optimise social and emotional development, focusing on the relationship with the child or young person.' (Benefits - The Thrive Approach


THRIVE is an approach for the early identification of emotional developmental needs in children. By supporting children’s emotional needs effectively – resilience, resourcefulness and also a decrease in mental ill-health can become evident along with enhancing social, emotional and wellbeing skills.  These key skills are vital in enabling a child to progress academically; when they feel safe and secure, learning can flourish. 

Children who take part in the THRIVE approach usually have some overwhelming, unresolved needs and require additional support in being able to self-regulate or manage stress-regulation: leading to the  potential for emotional outbursts or externalising behaviour choices.  

By staff completing a simple questionnaire(s), it allows us to have a starting point within the 6 developmental strands and for us to tailor our support. This also shows us where there are interruptions within development for us to be able to support further. The role of the practitioner is to improve the regulatory system and to provide opportunities for the child to safely express and explore the strong feelings that are getting in the way of learning. Play, fun and creativity are key elements of the programme along with being supportive and being able to contain the child emotionally whilst also ‘shining the light’ on difficult behaviours that become evident and address these.  


Attune            Validate         Contain          Regulate