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COVID Support

During these COVID times, the team are continuing to work tirelessly to provide ongoing support to your children.  Due to current COVID lockdown restrictions, we cannot access schools to provide outreach support for the foreseeable future. However, it is our intention to provide as many children with inreach support at the Acorn Centre and Warrendell School, South Oxhey. 


Our team have been equipped with PPE and the necessary sanitising products to ensure minimal risk where possible. Although we cannot guarantee a 100% virus-free environment, we're aiming as high as possible and working as hard as we can to provide your children with a safe and secure place to continue their Acorn journey. We're  working within the strict government guidelines, using the HCC COVID risk assessment and our own inreach protocols. 


We ask you to work with us by continuing to adhere to lockdown guidelines outside of the Acorn provision. 


Should you or your child display any COVID-related symptoms i.e persistent cough, high temperature and/or loss of taste or smell, please inform the Acorn Centre immediately. Children will need to be kept at home to begin the 10 day self-isolation period and a COVID test arranged. Please inform us of the test result once you have it and to discuss next steps depending on whether the result was negative or positive. See links to government guidelines and what to do should you have symptoms below.


Please do not hesitate to contact the Acorn Centre  should you have any questions relating to the above or COVID guidelines. 


Please see the document below regarding the CAMHS Critical Assessment and Treatment Team. Please contact the helpline when in mental health crisis instead of attending A&E.